Estuary Motion Studios is a collective of award-winning filmmakers and storytellers in Des Moines, Iowa. We are recognized for creating cinematic motion in everything we do. Our team of writers, producers, and visual artists capture life in motion, bring stories to film, and preserve the moments that matter with integrity, perception, and depth. We specialize in emotive storytelling, creative brand marketing, commercial media, and wedding cinematography. 

We look forward to telling your story.






owner | director |dp | chief editor
 "Around the world, stories waiting to be told - The art of filmmaking." Traveling the globe inspired Israel to capture the indigenous beauty at the heart of unique cultures. Filming organic scenery in startling close ups and panoramic views pushes him to capture life in all of its rich detail.



photographer | director | producer | creative director
Justin is a renowned photographer serving the midwest and surrounding regions. His experience and expertise with high-end fashion, designers and artists is an excellent representation of his craft. He also serves with Wedding, Engagement, Senior, Family, Children and Commercial photography. Click on Justin's name to learn more about his outstanding work.



photographer | cinematographer | time-lapse photographer
Austin's lens has captured the beauty of nature throughout the continental U.S. & Canada. His work captivates the natural elements to make each portrait unique. Click Austin's name to learn more about his excellent work.

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Gerardo duron

cinematographer | editor
The art of bringing imagery and sound together to accomplish the perfect visual story takes place behind the scenes and is a rigorous process. From music selection to color-grading and everything in between, Gerardo's vision in post-production is vital in making our work excellent.  


katherine dietrich

writer | producer
Script-writing is an essential part of our production process. Katherine's award-winning work brings our visual art to life - making sure your voice is heard and your story uniquely told.


Ryan Morrison

writer | producer | director

Ryan is a visual genius, gifted writer, and producer (also, probably the coolest Chris Martin look-alike you’ll ever see). His work has been featured in multiple publications such as, DSM Magazine, Downtown Living Magazine and Juice Magazine. His experience as a filmmaker and producer is paramount in crafting genuine and authentic stories.